Dental Data

Harrow deprivation

When member LDCs meet with local stakeholders, be they local Healthwatch, the council, the Local Care Partnership or the Integrated Care Board itself, the first questions are always the same: how many practices are there? Where are they? What is their capacity? How can we increase access?

Our Vision, Our Passion

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Dr Mike Clarke, Chair of the LDC Confederation, shares why the work of LDCs and the LDC Confederation is so important.

Change the narrative

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If patients and the public are not satisfied with NHS dentistry then they are fully in line with the dental profession.

CQC Regulation of ICSs

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By working with the CQC inspectors, sharing information about services and interaction with the ICS structures, LDCs can form valuable relationships.

CQC Report: Smiling Matters

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The dental care of older adults, particularly those in residential care settings has long been a major issue highlighted by the LDC Confederation and its members.

The Green Impact Toolkit

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The North West London LDC (Local Dental Committee) is taking steps towards becoming environmentally sustainable by getting involved and helping to promote the Green Impact for Dentistry toolkit. This toolkit has been designed to help dental practices reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact.