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Kingston Health Overview Scrutiny Panel

On Tuesday, January 30, 2024, the Kingston Health Overview and Scrutiny Panel convened, with counsellors from each ward in the borough in attendance. The meeting outlined expectations regarding the committee’s collaboration with the ICS to ensure local accountability to their communities.

Charlotte Klass (NHS England) presented epidemiological statistics for the borough, primarily focusing on children and the impact on general well-being. Iona Lidington (Public Health) discussed the responsibility of the LA and their initiatives in schools.

The reports raised concerns among counsellors, acknowledging the constraints and challenges in primary care dentistry. During discussions with Jeremy Wallman (NHS England), we highlighted challenges with the contract, acknowledging its inability to be changed as it is a central government issue. However, we emphasised the importance of integrating oral health with the broader field of medicine. We discussed prevention through initiatives like toothbrush programs in schools, and extreme treatments like hospital GA’s for children’s extractions, but also recognised the potential for the profession to do more in between to health-promote oral health and manage minor dental problems. The committee collectively agreed to further discuss these matters.

More information and all the slides and evidence presented are available on the Kingston Council Website