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Eating Disorders

Eating disorders can have a severe impact on oral health in a variety of ways.

NHS dental charges

The possibility of having to pay for dental care can be off putting, with patients sometimes unclear why, if the treatment is provided by the NHS, they have to pay.

Shisha and smokeless tobacco use

Many myths persist around shisha use: that it is not as harmful as smoking cigarettes, that flavoured shisha is harmless, that water filters out impurities. None of these are true.

Children’s oral health

Access to NHS dental services for children varies considerably across the country, despite NHS dental care being free for children.

Oral health and mental health

Those with mental health conditions are more likely to engage in behaviours which will negatively affect their oral health, such as smoking, alcohol misuse, substance misuse and other activities.
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Older adult oral health

Older adult oral health often suffers as a result of reduced mobility, reduced motor function, high level of restorative care, concern over patient charges, reliance on carers and others.