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NWL ICS Engagement Update

Emilie Szasz, Director for Westminster, provides an update on a recent meeting with senior members of the Primary Care Team from the North West London Integrated Care System

Update from Ealing

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Noor Sacoor, LDC Director for Ealing, provides an update on her latest meeting with the Ealing Local Care Partnership.

Update from Harrow Public Health

Influences and actions during the life course

Andrea Lagos, Public Health Strategist at Harrow Council, shares an update on how the Council is leading on oral health improvement with the support of the LDC.

Ealing Engagement

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Dentists should be part of the health service, and their role in oral health and obesity should not be sidelined. The triangulation of dental records is also an essential step towards better communication between healthcare professions, enabling better patient care.

The Green Impact Toolkit

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The North West London LDC (Local Dental Committee) is taking steps towards becoming environmentally sustainable by getting involved and helping to promote the Green Impact for Dentistry toolkit. This toolkit has been designed to help dental practices reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact.

From vision to outcome

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North West London LDC is building strong local relationships with key stakeholders outside of the dental world.