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Kingston Health Overview Scrutiny Panel

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Kunal Patel, LDC Director for Kingston, reports on the recent meeting of the Kingston Council Health Overview Scrutiny Panel session which focussed on dental care in the borough.

South West London LDC AGM

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The South West London Local Dental Committee held its first Annual General Meeting on 31 October this year. Dharmen Patel provides a summary of what was covered.

Healthwatch Croydon on dentistry

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Dentistry is classed, along with pharmacy and optometry, as a separate set of NHS services from primary care, yet these are services patients use regularly.

Sutton Steps Forward

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As an LDC we recognise the effect on the profession and the future of NHS dental services and it is our vision to empower local dentists to provide the care their patients require with a supportive local network and NHS contract.

Proactive in Croydon

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As part of the Local Care Partnership, the borough level arm of the South West London Integrated Care System, the Board will be driving information about health inequalities and developing strategies to reduce them. Part of reducing health inequalities is ensuring access to NHS dental services.