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Centres for Dental Development

What are they?

The concept of a Centre for Dental Development is to bring together education, training and service delivery with the aim of retaining a NHS dental workforce.  Centres for Dental Development are referenced in the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan. Ideally these would be situated in identified areas of need from a patient need and workforce point of view.

What do they hope to achieve?

  • Support education and training across the whole dental training pathway for dentists and DCPs, including final year undergraduate students and postgraduate trainees;
  • Provide a base for the assessment and induction of new dentists and DCPs, especially those who have trained outside the UK;
  • Support the long term dental workforce.

What else might they achieve?

They could be expanded to include Dental Core and Specialty training placements, as well as Level 2 training.  Also they could be developed to include a multi-professional training approach to bring together other elements of oral health training and provision, including prevention, integrated into a multi professional delivery model in its locality.

The centres could also provide supervised work experience as part of widening participation schemes.

What are the potential benefits?

  • Improve training opportunities for dentists and DCPs particularly in areas of high needs.
  • Facilitate local uptake of career opportunities in dentistry and oral health. 
  • Provide a support base for the dental workforce in the area.
  • Rapid onboarding of suitably qualified overseas dentists.
  • Provide a centre for the assessment and induction of dentists and DCPs who qualify outside of the UK to enable them to deliver safe NHS dental care.
  • Improve recruitment and retention of dentists and DCPs by providing a support network which can attract experienced dentists and DCPs to work fully or partly in a ‘flagship’ facility.
  • Increase the supply of a suitably qualified experienced workforce capable of delivering service, education and training by offering opportunities to develop their career pathways within the NHS.
  • Provide continuity of training pathways and career opportunities to support retention.

Are any planned for London?

NHSE WT & E (formerly known as HEE) are responsible for oversight of all postgraduate dental training and are currently working with other stakeholders in identifying and developing potential sites.