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Dental Foundation Trainee Talks

South East London LDC spoke at the two London Foundation Dentist Career Days at the start of March.

Over six sessions my colleague Neda Hussain and I spoke to over 100 dental trainees about Local Dental Committees.

The sessions covered how an LDC is established in statute, how they are funded and structured, what they do and most importantly how and why it is so important that the new generation of dentists are involved.

The purpose of the talk was to give an insight into how LDCs across the country are the future training ground for dental leaders and that Foundation Dentists can start to get involved in shaping the future of their profession from day one. I outlined the specific structure of the LDCs in the LDC Confederation as these differ from ones outside. LDC Confederation member LDCs have formed themselves as legal membership companies to make themselves as transparent and professional as possible. By removing the separate committee structure all members can easily put themselves forward to engage with the work programmes of the LDC.

There was a good deal of interest from the Foundation Dentists who were interested in making sure that NHS primary care dental services are fit for the future and provide high quality care for patients and viable career options for them and their peers. It was heartening to hear how reflective and aware these younger colleagues were about the issues facing the NHS and the strong commitment from them to work under it and make it better.

I look forward to speaking at future events and working with this new and inspiring cohort of dentists.