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General Election 2024

The LDC has launched its manifesto ahead of the General Election.

The manifesto reaffirms the LDC Confederation’s commitment to a sustainable, valued and accessible NHS dental service and outlines eight key recommendations for the next government to take action on.

Access to NHS dental care is a key concern for many people in the run up to the election and the LDC Confederation has made increased investment, improved affordability and more constructive engagement with the profession’s representatives to develop a long lasting dental contract that works for everyone.

20240124 Election Manifesto 2024

The manifesto highlights the issues of retaining the dental workforce, the lack of NHS dental benefits for the dental team and the impact of lack of services for vulnerable. But the manifesto also highlights how things can be improved by increased integration, smarter working and a more joined up approach as well as the enormous benefits that improved oral health brings.

Mike Clarke, Chair of the LDC Confederation said:
“The LDC Confederation stands for a better NHS dental service. This means working constructively with partners to help our profession deliver high quality care in a supportive environment that meets the needs of our patients. Our recommendations are workable, achievable and needed if NHS dentistry is to flourish. Increased clarity and collaboration at the national level means that LDCs will be able to continue their positive engagement at the local level.”