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Get to know your LDC Director – Kunal Patel

Tell us a little about yourself

I grew up locally, attending school in Streatham and then Sutton. I completed my dental studies in Birmingham in 2009 and have worked 14 years in general dental practice. My practice is located in New Malden, I am actively involved in teaching and mentoring junior dentists through WT&E. I have a genuine passion for clinical dentistry and strive to continually develop my skills in this field.

How did you first get involved in the LDC?

I first attended an LDC meeting in Kingston in 2014, where I enjoyed mingling with local dentists and sharing a meal. Since then, my understanding of NHS dentistry has deepened, leading me to pursue a director role. I believed it would be beneficial to support junior dentists and advocate for our profession.

Kunal Patel

What has been a highlight for you so far of being involved in your LDC?

A highlight for me has been the opportunity to meet many new people, participate in engaging discussions about dentistry, gain insights into the challenges faced by other stakeholders. The LDC Dinners are excellent!

What skills have you developed as a result of your involvement with the LDC?

I have developed skills in communicating dental concepts to non-clinicians, networking and meeting new people, and effectively conveying ideas both in person and online. These experiences have greatly enhanced my professional abilities and effectiveness within the dental community.

What would you say to colleagues who are interested but hesitant to get involved in the LDC?

100% Join up! – No prior experience is necessary, as we are here to support and represent each other. For those interested in non-clinical and personal development, the LDC offers an excellent platform to grow and contribute meaningfully.

If LDCs didn’t exist what would that mean for the profession?

Let’s not even go there!

What do you do to relax outside of dentistry?

My two young boys keep me incredibly busy! When I have the chance, I love to travel and will watch and talk sport with anyone that will listen!