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London Election Manifesto

LDC Confederation demands action on NHS Dentistry

The LDC Confederation has today launched its manifesto for the London Mayoral Election, calling on Mayoral and London Assembly candidates to stand up for NHS dental services in the capital. The manifesto has gathered cross party support and statements from Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Labour Assembly Members which are available below.

Access to NHS dental services in London remains an issue, and several London boroughs record some of the worst rates of children’s tooth decay in the country and avoidably high levels of hospital admission for extractions. The LDC Confederation is calling for greater oversight and accountability for how NHS dental services are commissioned in London. 

20240123 London Election Manifesto

The manifesto has received cross party support, giving much needed recognition to the issues facing patients in London. 

The manifesto contains six calls for the Mayor and Greater London Assembly covering the creation of centres for dental development to promote London as a centre for postgraduate education excellence, increased oversight of how the NHS ensures integrated services which are accessible to all, and more robust scrutiny of the implementation of recommendations from the GLA Health Committee. 

The LDC Confederation is pleased to see so many London Assembly Members engaging positively in dentistry, and articles from the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Labour are available on the LDC Confederation website.

Mike Clarke, Chair of the LDC Confederation, said:

“This manifesto represents a clear and practical call for oversight and accountability of the provision of NHS dentistry in London. Dental services are vital to support our communities in advancing their general health and wellbeing by improving the ability to eat properly, to speak and socialise with confidence. Our dental services also help children to concentrate at school by avoiding absence caused by dental disease. This also supports the ability of our community to live with dignity, reducing health inequalities whilst improving health outcomes. Essential NHS dental services in London are under threat and we implore all candidates to listen to this call for support from NHS dentists across the capital”

Emma Best AM, Conservative, said:

“From the LDC Confederation’s Manifesto, it’s clear that LDC members are dedicated to supporting and reforming NHS dentistry to improve access for all Londoners. Bringing together Integrated Care Boards and LDCs with the work being done by the Mayor, the Assembly and the GLA is a sensible way we can help to reduce oral health inequality. This is certainly something we as the Conservative Group are happy to support.”

Hina Bokhari AM, Liberal Democrat, said:

“As a teacher, I have seen first-hand the health inequalities that manifest themselves first and foremost through the dental health of children. Many children in London find themselves in need of dental work before they start school, and these issues disproportionately affect families from lower income backgrounds and from ethnic minorities. The Mayor and the government has a duty to work together with integrated care boards, local authorities and NHS trusts to ensure that quality dentistry is available to all. I will continue my calls on the Mayor to support London’s Local Dental Committees and other important partners in this sector.”

Dr Onkar Sahota AM, Labour, said:

“This manifesto is an important call which needs to be considered by the Mayor. As a GP, I have seen first-hand the poor oral health that some Londoners have and the impact this has on their wider health and wellbeing. Poor access to dental healthcare widens health inequalities and it is important that the Mayor and the London Assembly take steps to address this.”