LDC representation

LDC work

We are a membership organisation and a representational trade association for Local Dental Committees in England. 

We unify the voice of our members to positively shape NHS dental services by influencing rules, policies and regulations.

LDC Confederation

CQC Regulation of ICSs

By working with the CQC inspectors, sharing information about services and interaction with the ICS structures, LDCs can form valuable relationships.

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North West London LDC

Ealing Engagement

Dentists should be part of the health service, and their role in oral health and obesity should not be sidelined. The triangulation of dental records

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LDC Confederation

CQC Report: Smiling Matters

The dental care of older adults, particularly those in residential care settings has long been a major issue highlighted by the LDC Confederation and its

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South East London LDC

Strong Beginnings in Bexley

Our SEL LDC continues to work untiringly on several key fronts and continues to engage with the other organisations on behalf of LDC levy payers.

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